Saturday, 14 August 2010

Nothing's Changed...No one Can Take Your Place ♥'s good to hear your voice,
I hope you're doing fine.
And if you ever wonder,
I'm not strong without you.
By my side.

Lost here in this moment,
Time keeps slipping by.
If I could have just one wish...
I'd have you by my side ♥

I miss you.
I love you more than I did before,
And if today I don't see your face...
Nothing's changed, no one can take your place ♥
It gets harder every day.

Well...I've tried to live without you.
The tears fall from my eyes.
I'm alone and I feel empty,
I'm torn apart inside.
I look up at the stars...
Hoping you're doing the same.
And somehow I feel closer.

But it doesn't take away these words...
I really do miss you ♥

-Edited from 'Stay' -Miley Cyrus

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