Monday, 9 August 2010

Would I Still Be Strong...Without You There? ♥

Another poem I've written...I will do a Youtube video for this as well.

Would I Still Be Strong...Without You There? ♥

I sometimes wonder what my life would be like without you.
Not if I lost you but if I had never met you at all.
What would my life be like, if I didn’t know you.
If I only saw your face or heard your voice,
If they had no meaning to me at all.

Would I here right now?
Would I still be strong?
Would I still be breathing…at all?

How would I get through each day,
If you weren’t there to get me through to the end,
Of each one?

Sometimes I think to myself,
My life would not be the same,
If maybe you never walked into it.
Your words would mean nothing,
Your face…I wouldn’t be able to recognise.

I would be alone maybe or maybe there would be someone else,
Standing there instead of you.
I really don’t think though,
That I could make it if there was someone else beside me,
Other than you.

I couldn’t live with someone there to replace you.

I sometimes pause, sit silently and think.
Did I walk into your life or did you arrive into mine?
Whichever it may be, I hope now that we’re in each,
That we won’t have to walk out of one.

I sometimes find myself wondering,
Will I always need you?
And what if one day you don’t want to know my anymore?
A long time from now,
Will we still be friends, like we are now?

I won’t ever know any answers but I have to say I’m thankful,
That I have you in my life right now.
And I have to rest on the thought that everything in life…
Happens for a reason.
That you were meant to be part of my life,
And I was meant to have you there,
To be part of yours too.

What will be,
Will be.
Because thinking that way stops my wondering,
Turning to worry and stops my thinking…turning to fear,
Fear of my life…without you there.
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