Thursday, 20 May 2010

Let Go, I Know You Will Remember Me

Another one of my poems. This is about the thoughts that I had when I wanted my life to end. But it does have two meanings as it is also be about letting go of someone you love if they have's saying that you won't ever forget them. So, it could have 2 meanings.

I take myself to the place where it’s all going to end,
I look around,
There’s nobody there.
My mind in pieces,
My heart, still there…it’s beating.

Holding on so tightly,
Why am I still here,
What reasons do I have,
To keep holding on,
Not to let go.

I can feel the strength in my eyes,
I can feel the fear,
And the wondering…
What’s on the other side.

It’s time to let go…….it will be okay

If I run away, I’ll be followed,
So I have to go this way,
Don’t worry,
Because I won’t forget you
And all the times you’ve been there for me

I close my eyes,
My time has ended,
It’s my time to leave you,
Remember, I’ll still love you…
When I’m gone

Racing. My heart… I’m still with you,
Not gone yet,
But I’ll never be without you,
I’ll be right beside you,
When I’m gone.

Keep hold of my memory…I will miss you…

Why should I be here…..why should I go,
There’s no pain this time,
So let go…
Find freedom, find safety and live on…
In spirit with the ones I love.

Because one day I will see you again.

I’m here,
You’ve left me long enough,
No matter what they tell you,
You won’t be alone.

Let go………I know you’ll remember me