Thursday, 20 May 2010

Never Give Up...Please Don't Die, I Need You Here...

This is a poem for anyone who has ever had suicidal thoughts or wanting to run away or someone who feels low. It's to try and remind those people that there is a reason to keep going and to remind them that you should never give up xxx I need you here & I don't want you to

For all those times…
When life gets too much…
When you are hurt…
When the world seems to be against you, and you are losing the battle…

Take a deep breath…
Never forget your smile.

Never give up,
Keep holding on.
There is always a reason to keep going on,
Find that reason, you know there is something,
I found that something,
And so can you.

What about love?
What about all the things…
That make life worth living.
What about friendship?
All those things,
They make life worth living.

Remember that everything happens for a reason,
Learn from your mistakes,
Know that perfection doesn’t exist and when you fail…
Try again…
Never give up,
You can hold on.

If you’re at your lowest, your deepest, your darkest time,
Find something that brings you happiness,
Let the sun shine on your face,
Keep your head high,
And I promise you will be fine.

Keep your friends and your family close,
Tell them how much they mean to you,
Never walk away from the people who are there for you,
Take a smile to heart,
Those people love you for who you are,
Don’t change for anyone,
Someone out there will want to hear your voice.

Let those tears fall but don’t let go,
Remember all of the things,
That keep you here.

Love, Faith, Trust, Belief, Hope, Understanding…

The world would be a darker place without you,
Think how many people would miss you,
How many tears would fall because you left them…
Alone without a you.